The Hummingbird Trust was set up in January 2007 by the Mathias family to provide a formal vehicle through which it could channel its philanthropic endeavours. The aim of setting up Hummingbird was to encourage and enthuse the family by learning about the responsibility that accompanies wealth. Together, they wanted to build an organisation that would achieve a significant social goal in a manner that combined their passion with strategic professionalism.

In 2014, the Mathias family set up the Hummingbird Foundation as the operational arm of the Trust. The Trust supports a select number of charitable organisations whose missions resonate with the Mathias family.


Chris Mathias:  Chris Mathias is a successful entrepreneur and leader, born and raised in India and now living in the UK. He is married with three daughters and is an active sportsman and keen traveller. He combines these interests with active roles in private equity and in social and philanthropic investment. Chris studied Politics and Economics at Bristol University, and completed an MBA at INSEAD, Paris in 1987. Chris co-founded CMG Partners and Arbor Ventures, private investment management companies that focus on early stage companies and turnaround/restructure situations. Chris is actively involved with a number of charities and not-for-profit organisations – in particular those that are sustainable beyond the lifetime of a funding commitment, build lasting capacity, develop local skills and are focused on the very poor. Chris is committed to expanding the reach of Hummingbird and creating a lasting legacy that captures his family’s passion for the region and the cause.

Clare Mathias: In her role as Chair and Chief Executive of The Hummingbird Foundation, Clare provides strategic direction to the Hummingbird team to achieve its mission. Clare has a background in Human Resources having worked as an HR Manager for a major oil company for many years. Married with three daughters, she now runs a private polo organisation in Surrey, UK. She is also the Chair of the Horsleys Community Fund, aimed at promoting local community philanthropy.

Thea Mathias: Thea lives in Barcelona, Spain and leads the operations teams of a technology start up there.  She has previously worked at a fintech start up in London, in public policy for the Social Investment and Finance team at the Cabinet Office and as a generalist management consultant at McKinsey & Co. Much like the rest of her family, she loves travelling, skiing, horse-riding, and being with friends and family. She has mainly been involved with the Hummingbird strategy from the UK over the past few years, but is very much looking forward to the next trip to see the programmes in India.

Abigail Mathias: Abby is currently working towards obtaining her ACA with PwC in London. She studied Human Geography at Bristol university and wrote her dissertation on modelling the relationship between gender and philanthropy over time. This background in qualitative research has fostered an interest in the use of data as a tool to understand Hummingbird’s impact. Abby has caught the family travelling bug and enjoys skiing, swimming and horse riding. With a group of PwC graduates, she also works with World Child Cancer researching the effectiveness of their communications strategy.

Saskia Mathias: Sas is currently studying at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, majoring in International Politics with a concentration in Security Studies. As the youngest Mathias, she started her interest in philanthropy by supporting the Okapi in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and has been involved in creating communications materials and other resources for Hummingbird. She is the proud curator of the family dog’s Instagram and is always looking for a new adventure (or BBQing with friends).