The Hummingbird Foundation was established in 2014 by the Mathias family to support innovative community action in preventing human trafficking in West Bengal, India. Hummingbird’s aim is to reduce human trafficking by targeting the systemic attitudes and processes that create or exacerbate vulnerability. This aim is embodied in the creation of a Prevention of Trafficking Model as a key methodology to evolve and replicate Hummingbird’s work. With dedicated teams in India and the UK, Hummingbird’s approach is to foster robust partnerships with non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations, and relevant government bodies.
Hummingbird sees itself as an enabler that can convene, communicate and collaborate with these stakeholders for maximum impact. Hummingbird partners with local organisations to build communities that promote gender equality and resilience against the core drivers of human trafficking.


The Hummingbird Foundation envisages a world that is free from the abuse of human rights, specifically in the form of human trafficking.


Hummingbird’s mission is to activate key stakeholders and community–based systems to promote ownership, accountability and knowledge-sharing for the prevention of trafficking. To achieve this, a key goal has been defined:

To create a sustainable, replicable and evolving model that demonstrably prevents the trafficking of young people.